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Supporting Leadership Transitions

Sometimes it’s about unblocking a career path by coaxing new perspectives from within. Sometimes the focus is on renewing your sense of purpose. Other times it’s because an important life event led you to confront a professional pivot. Whatever the source may be, my work supporting leaders making a transition is focused on helping them design their best landings

“Partnering with an experienced leadership advisor during internal transitions absolutely accelerated the impact of our senior leaders in their new roles”

– Susan Kelliher, Global CHRO

Succession Planning + Executing Succession

Perhaps the most consequential decision that CEO’s and Boards grapple with is selecting the future leader’s from inside of an organization. This process not only gets you to the Who, but it also shows you the How to execute a succession based on a decade of experience leading complex successions at global enterprises

“I cannot imagine engaging in a CEO Succession without using a structured and independent process like this one”

– Nominating Committee Chair, Publicly Listed Company

Leadership Assessment / Development

Relying on world-class and publicly documented methodologies that combine quantitative and qualitative approaches, Leadership Assessments are the proven method to build an accurate and fact based photo of an individual leader.  It’s also the most useful tool to measure the aggregate capacity of a team if applied to a group during succession planning or in an M&A situation.

“These Leadership Assessments were a cathartic experience.  They awakened each Partners’ awareness of where they stood individually, and provided a collective view of the Firm’s leadership capacity”

Pedro Rebelo de Sousa, Founder and Managing Partner, SRS Legal